Our story

Vision –

To be the first choice in daily living aids worldwide, renowned for our honesty, respect for others and community involvement

Mission –

To reach all people who struggle in daily living and make their lives a little easier



We’re a husband and wife team living in Perth’s northern suburbs with our three sons. With my husband’s and family’s wonderful support, I have taken an idea and turned it into a reality.

One of our sons was born with each kneecap formed as two separate pieces joined by cartilage.  This meant that any knock to the knees would cause a dislocation and many weeks of physiotherapy and on crutches. After six dislocations he went in for double-knee surgery at the age of fourteen.

I hadn’t really thought much beyond the surgery and not at all about the care he would need during recovery. For six weeks he wore ankle-to-thigh splints on both legs, which only came off for physio and showering. The constant icing, pain medication, elevation and exercises required a timetable and alarms so nothing was forgotten. It took an hour to shower, dry and dress him, and he couldn’t go to the toilet alone. He was so dependent on others, especially me.

It was during this time that I really began to appreciate some of the difficulties facing not only those who are injured or disabled in some way, but those who care for them too. I really wanted to make this time as dignified and independent as I could for our son, and I felt that the ability to put his own underwear on and off would go a long way towards achieving this.

So that’s where the idea for Couple It®began. I am now on the very exciting and extremely nerve-wracking journey into the world of design, manufacturing, marketing, sales and business. I’m meeting some amazing people along the way and I’m very proud to know that Couple It® is going to be able to make a small difference to so many people’s lives.

Wendy Flack