for Disability


  • For those who are independent
  • Or for carers
  • Difficulty bending to dress


Hundreds of thousands of people in Australia live with disability in one form or another. Whether mental or physical, from birth or following accident, limited or severe, we have found that one thing is common to all – the importance of independence.

If you are restricted by reach or flexibility, and bending to pull on your underwear is difficult, then Couple It® Side Fastening Underwear can help you maintain your independence. By using Couple It®Side Fastening Underwear you will be able to take your underwear on and off at the sides, avoiding the need to bend and pull up over the legs.

If you are a carer then Couple It®Side Fastening Underwear can help you in the daily task of dressing your loved one. Using Couple It® Side Fastening Underwear allows you to put underwear on and off quickly, while avoiding the need to lift.

Useful Tips