for Injury


  • Post-surgery
  • Following an accident
  • Difficulty bending or reaching


Whether you’ve undergone planned surgery or received an injury from an accident, the changes to your daily life can be dramatic. Perhaps you’re learning to get around on crutches or in a wheelchair. You’re learning to cope with daily physio. Relying on others to get you to appointments. Even needing their help to shower and dress each day.

Whatever the severity or your injury, or the length of time in recovery, Couple It® Side Fastening Underwear can help make your daily life a little easier. Couple It®Side Fastening Underwear allows you to take your undies on and off at the sides, rather than having to bend and pull up over the legs. And if you need others to dress you it makes the process quicker and easier for them.




“I have recently had knee replacement surgery and a friend gave me a few pairs of underpants to which Couple It clips were fitted. What an incredible invention ! It is extremely difficult to put on and take off undies when one leg doesn’t bend ! For my situation, a clip on one side is all that is necessary, but I can see that some disabilities would benefit more from two clips. This device will make life easier over the coming weeks. Thank you, Wendy, for such a great idea.”

(Mrs) Ronnie Anderson, Ashby WA


“Just wanted to say thanks very much for the fast delivery of my order last week. With my legs so badly sunburnt, using Couple It meant I could still dress myself and go to the toilet. I was in so much pain for four days, I don’t know how I would have done it without the clips. Thanks again.”

Leah Cullen, Osborne Park WA


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