for Pregnancy


  • In late stages of pregnancy
  • Or after a C-section
  • Difficulty bending or reaching


Being pregnant for the first time can be one of the most exciting times in our lives. Everything is new and unknown…and of course there’s all that shopping to be done!!

But as we reach the final couple of months before our due date, we start to slow down. The added stress on our body to pump all that blood and carry the extra weight can make us feel very tired and daily tasks can wear us out all too quickly. Already having a toddler or older children makes it even more difficult to get through the day.

If you are struggling to bend in your last trimester, then we can help you. By using Couple It®Side Fastening Underwear you can avoid the need to bend to pull your underwear up and down. And if your labour results in a Caesarean section, we can help during your recovery too.




“I used my Couple It undies clips in the last few weeks of my pregnancy. What a relief not to have to struggle just to put on and take off my underwear ! They were really comfortable too, I forgot I had them on most of the time! Highly recommend this product to anyone struggling in the later stages of pregnancy”.  Candice Hannaford, Marmion WA


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